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Welcome to Incremental Development, Inc.

Incremental Development helps structure text and surrounding business processes with emphasis on simplicity and skill-transfer.

Charlie Halpern-Hamu

Charlie has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Heriot-Watt University. He is a TOGAF 9 Certified Enterprise Architect.

He has two decades of experience as an SGML consultant and XML consultant.

He's good at making complex systems easy to understand.


Incremental Development helps organizations manage large volumes of text.

We help structure both the text and related business processes.

Our goal is to work together to define core business problems.

Then we look to develop simple, effective solutions.

Client List

These are some of the organizations Charlie has helped:

Management Services

Opportunity Analysis
We help you formulate key business requirements and look for opportunities unique to your situation.
Data Architecture
We help you structure your information for flexible reuse.
Workflow Design
We help you redesign your business processes to take full advantage of structured text.
Product Design
We help you design bound, CD-ROM and online products based on sound user-interface and database-publishing principles.
Technology Overviews
We explain new technologies and relate them to business issues.

Technical Services

Input Conversion
We develop manual keying instructions or automatic conversion procedures.
System Integration
We program and adapt your set of tools so that they work together.
Output Processing
We develop text-transformation programs using all popular programming languages.
Classroom Training
We present courses in SGML, XML, schema, stylesheet and linking standards, and XSLT, OmniMark and other programming languages.
Hands-on Training
We work with your team for maximum skill-transfer.

Contact Information

Incremental Development, Inc.
18 Victor Avenue
Toronto, ON  M4K 1A8


Incremental Development, Inc. was an early member of the International Digital Enterprise Alliance's Independent Consultants Network, pledged to offer vendor-independent advice.