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One-day Hands-on Introduction to XML

Feedback for 2000 May 29

Here is the complete set of comments from a One-day Hands-on Introduction to XML course presented on May 29.

Learning from the feedback for a previous presentation of the same course in the same location, we reduced the number of students so that none had trouble seeing the projected screen. The slides were updated, but a mix-up left the students with handouts corresponding to the older slides. There was a confusion with proper log-in procedure for the training machines, leaving most of the class unable to follow the exercises for the first part of the day, and time lost to hunting down technical help.

As with last time, many students expressed a desire for more practice time. This may be unavoidable for a one-day overview introduction. But it would be reasonable to schedule followup courses for those who need greater depth of knowledge.

Best Worst
  • Good introduction to XML.
  • Need more topics and more time.
  • Instructor well versed in subject / related subjects.
  • Instructional materials well laid out.
  • Time constraints (course needs more time).
  • Presentation slides did not match student slides (handouts).
  • Relatively easy to understand.
  • A lot learned in a little time.
  • Wish course were longer so we could become more familiar with editor syntax / language.
  • Wish slides had more 'meat' in them; wish they contained more of the 'handwaving' talk, etc.
  • I find it is very useful for me. I am really thankful to management for giving this type of training to me. I am very thankful for the instructor for his patience and explanations.
  • Good course. I have a much better understand of XML and the different elements involved.
  • Instructor is VERY knowledgable with the topic and everything about and around XML.
  • This course gives a good introduction to XML provided that you already have an understanding of HTML.
  • Sometimes, some points are covered faster than the students can follow.
  • The handouts are out-dated, not as complete as the slides and some data are missing in the handouts.
  • The hands-on portion of the class.
  • The materials did not match the overheads.
  • Hands-on training.
  • Too short - should cover some syntax.
  • Provided high-level overview of XML.
  • Good instruction.
  • Wish list: More extesive, detailed training (days!).
  • Good exercises.
  • Good presentation.
  • Too short. Too quick. Not enough practical.
  • The set up is real bad (hardware / networking in room).
  • I know XML now.
  • None.
  • Very organized.
  • Not enough time to practise.
  • More handouts.
  • Explanation or hints of where and how XML may be used.
  • Initial confusion with environment - i.e. training login.
  • Interesting, especially OmniMark.
  • Need more practice.
  • Instructor is very knowledgable.
  • Need more handouts (with better definitions), examples, background information, etc.
  • Too fast (as a result of incorrect hardware setup) - next time make sure all software is loaded.