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One-day Hands-on Introduction to XML

Feedback for 2000 March 14

After a one-day introduction to XML on 2000 March 14, students were asked to anonymously note the best and worst aspects of the course.

Summary of best points:

Summary of worst points:

What we'll do better next time:

This feedback was incorporated into a second presentation to another group at the same organization. The feedback from the second group reflected these improvements.

Here is the complete set of unedited responses from the first group:

Best Worst
  • It's a really good overview with great examples. Great handout.
  • One day is too short.
  • Presentation was excellent. Course material was good.
  • Time constraint.
  • Concise & straight to the point.
  • Overheads hard to see (e.g. when getting into DOS scripting).
  • I like the way data in a simple format could be manipulated to achieve different tasks. As opposed to simple text ASCII files.
  • Not enough time. Printed material not as detailed as should be. Therefore lot of time spent on writing.
  • Very useful.
  • Too general.
  • Very interesting & hands-on experience was good.
  • Somethings were rushed through. So I think more than 1 day / 8 hours is needed.
  • Opportunity to learn about XML and related software to work with it. Hands-on practice session.
  • Session is a bit short. One day does not seem to be enough.
  • It was a very well explained course with a lot of examples.
  • We could have used more time to understand the basic commands.
  • Got good basic understanding of XML.
  • Could not find enough time to do more hands-on.
  • First half was good.
  • Second half was too fast.
  • Good overview.
  • Too short.
  • I like the course very much. The topic was addressed clearly. Timing properly. Hands-on codes and software.
  • Couldn't see the blackboard from rear of classroom so I missed some writing on the board.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • Could use more time for the exercises.
  • Course content actually relates to what we do. Instructor is clear and organized.
  • Still not enough hands-on exercises.
  • Get to learn tool available to develop Web-presentable content.
  • Not enough time for practice.
  • This course is very helpful for me. What I most like about this course is I learn how to code using my own tags.
  • The concept introduced.
  • I can't see clearly from back of the room.
  • Hands-on work & samples.
  • ?
  • Course has a lot of information about XML. Good presentation.
  • Need more time. One day is not good enough - too rushed.
  • Good subject, covered the basic "idea" of XML and use with DTDs.
  • A little fast. More hands-on. Examples on paper would be nice.
  • XML presentation excellent.
  • OmniMark good.
  • Teaching skill.
  • Too short.
  • Very informative for a beginner.
  • Very fast. Too much information in too short a time.
  • XML part very good.
  • OmniMark in more detail.
  • Learning about XML through this course I believe will be useful in future when there comes an opportunity to develop integration programs between different systems.
    As more and more businesses are heading towards B2B and e-commerce, learning XML is for sure a definitive move towards improving the skills needed for future marketplace.
  • -
  • Everything in the course / OmniMark / hand-on practice.
  • I don't have a computer to play around.
  • Hands-on experience. Very organized.
  • Not enough time. More details on OmniMark.
  • I liked the XMetaL software that would help us in catching errors quickly.
  • The slightest typing mistake magnifies and is hard to catch at first.
  • A very useful, organized introduction to XML which enables me to get started learning more (by myself / other means).
  • The very complex topic was presented clearly & simply. I gained a lot from it.
  • It would have been helpful to have the hands-on exercises documented with answers to take away with us.
  • Everything was good.
  • The time span was too short.