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XML training, writing DTDs, reading XML Schemas, editing with XMetaL, using XML Authority.

Introduction to XML

Feedback for 2002 January 17, 18, 19

After a three-day XML course, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Easy to be understood.
  • Suitable to data conversion company.
  • Practical.
  • Not enough time to learn more.
  • Interesting.
  • Detailed information about XML.
  • We can do practice to test our ability.
  • I missed some parts of the lessons.
  • I can easily understand and really appreciate your beginning speech, even though I have no basis of computer and XML knowledge.
  • The hardest for me is to deepen the study of XML for the time being.
  • The best thing is that good use with computer to show the how it works in the computer rather than just on paper or board. It's very active and could let us know how it comes and the final product.
  • Thank you very much for your terrific presentation. It gives us a general idea of XML. Thank you again.
  • The worst thing is that my limited knowledge of the technical IT area, so I can follow up perfectly, especially for the computer operation presentation of Perl and OmniMark part.
  • I can understand your classes so easily from your practicing classes.
  • The classes about CSS seems fast to me.
  • Easy understand.
  • Someone need catch up program knowledge.
  • Excellent presentation: easy to understand.
  • Too little time.
  • Examples while presentation.
  • It was too short, went too quickly.
  • Well done.
  • None.
  • I can learn some new concept about XML.
  • The time is too fast.
  • Let everybody take part in actively in learning.
  • None. If there is one that is too short.
  • Very comprehensive, yet simple in instruction.
  • Never boring and he was very patient.
  • A person this talented should never be limited to 3 days. Too short!!