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Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath

Feedback for 2001 July 24, 25, 26

After a three-day XSLT course, students filled in a standard evaluation form. The answers have been split into good aspects and suggested improvements.

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Good Improvements
  • [Covered expectations.]
  • Slides: 9/10; instruction: 9/10.
    • [Covered expectations.]
    • Charlie working through answers by doing stylesheets from scratch - showing us the "approach".
    • Instruction: 8/10.
    • Course material - hard to understand on its own but it may be my lack of experience with HTML.
    • Slides: 6/10.
    • Very good base for XSL - I learned a lot.
    • I really enjoyed the exercise on XPath.
    • Thank you for the nice course.
    • Slides: 8/10; instruction: 8/10.
    • [Could use] slightly more information on slides: some were a little too simple.
    • At times we were rushed, but I don't think it's because of instructor. One more day would help this.
    • [Covered expectations.]
    • Slides: 8/10; instruction: 8/10.
    • Use some better real-world examples, instead of things like a, b, c, d etc.
    • Maybe use some more unads-on examples.
    • [Covered expectations.]
    • I enjoyed the class.
    • Slides: 8/10; instruction: 10/10.
    • Some of the slides looked a little busy, so sometimes it was hard to catch all of the details in a short amount of time.
    • [Covered expectations.]
    • Very helpful - and surprisingly a bit entertaining (I obviously didn't expect this).
    • Slides: 8/10; instruction: 10/10.
    • Make it easier to tell the difference between chapters - as well as the exercises.
    • [Covered expectations] and more.
    • Hands-on eercises really enforced what was being taught.
    • I personally got a lot out of this course and think it was extremely well organized and presented.
    • Slides: 10/10; instruction: 10/10.
    • Only thing I would have changed - not sure if it would have been possible, though - would be to have the course taught in a room where we wouldn't have to sit in the dark all day.