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XML training, writing DTDs, reading XML Schemas, editing with XMetaL, using XML Authority.

One-day Hands-on Introduction to XML

Feedback for 2001 July 17

After a one-day XML course, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Overall the course was very informative and the whole session was carried out real well.
  • Thanks. I learned a lot and will recommend to friends and colleagues.
  • I just wish we had more time to discuss XSL and publishing.
  • Very well instructed.
  • Sometimes too much info, such as the history of XML.
  • Content and explanations - clear and easily understood by all, regardless of level of technological expertise.
  • A little too detailed for those with less technical exposure and less technical requirements in their job.
  • Hands-on training and exposure to the eCTD.
  • Repitition of Elements / Elements Nest / etc. in the sections on Structured Docs / DTDs / Structured Editors / etc.
  • Detailed illustration of what and how XML process occurs utilizing all the paramters.
  • The course was well demonstrated.
  • No detailed explanation of how EDI and XML transmit documents and the role of process control templates.
  • Content and delivery.
  • Thank you very much. Very informative.
  • Not a thing.