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Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath

Feedback for 2001 May 2

After a three-day XSLT course, students filled in standard evaluation forms. From these forms, I have extracted notes on the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • The slides are well done.
  • The flow is good and logical.
  • I like the hands-on exercises to reinforce what I've learned from the lecture.
  • The instructions for the lab are much clearer than the previous Intro to XML and XML in C++ courses I've taken.
  • A bigger whiteboard is required.
  • Charlie is enthusiastic, smart, funny, interesting and very knowledgeable about the course and its information.
  • Difficult to zero in on the most important items sometimes, becuase there was so much info. Also, sometimes I zoned out.
  • Charlie is an excellent instructor, with in-depth knowledge of the material presented and good communication skills.
  • The sample files and distributed documentation were sufficient for the course presented.
  • Overall, a very good educational experience.
  • Hands-on labs.
  • Some of the lectures were a little dry, but it is dry material. :)
  • Order of slides. The don't allow you to find information easily (when doing the exercises).
  • Some good examples would be great.
  • Develop a more interactive approach to keep everyone tuned in.
  • Having internet connectivity is annoying when others are doing things not pertaining to the class.
  • Same applies to being on-site: off-site would provide fewer distractions.
  • This is an excellent course on XSLT and XPath. Iíve learned a lot from it (like why we do not have something like x=x+10) even though I have been using it in an often basis since August 1998. I believe the books and the exercise material will be my good xslt/xpath companion in my future work.
  • We are using our in-house xslt/xpath processor in our development, which only implemented a limited subset of the standard, so most of the three-day course are new to us. We do not expect to learn everything in a 3-day course but we have certainly got the whole picture of the current status and content of 1.1 XSLT/Xpath. I am sure this course will help us a lot in my future work. I wish I could have had the course long before now.
  • Thank you very much for the excellent lecture!