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XML training, C++ course, DOM and SAX APIs.

One-day Introduction to XML Programming in C++ using DOM and SAX

Feedback for

After a one-day introduction to XML programming in C++, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Overall, it is a good course.
  • You explain clearly on the concept of DOM and SAX.
  • Switching among files ot copy and paste could be confusing. Slow down a little bit.
  • Spent too much time (about 45 minutes) on debugging.
  • Worked examples.
  • Clear explanation.
  • The DOM is made up of a fairly large number of classes. An overview of the major classes that a programmer would most often interact with would be useful.
  • Would like to know how DTD or XML Schema can be programmatically handled.
  • Section-by-section explanation of the parts of the files and how/what they do.
  • This isn't a criticism of the course, but for a non-C++ person such as myself, there's a lot of information to process.
  • Good intro.
  • SAX section needs more time.
  • Would like to have seen SAX handlers, howto...
  • Probably should not spend too much time trying to get a project to build, e.g. start with a pre-defined project.