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XML training, writing DTDs, reading XML Schemas, editing with XMetaL, using XML Authority.

One-day Hands-on Introduction to XML

Feedback for 2001 April 24

After a one-day XML course, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Good explanations.
  • Make sure XMetaL is working beforehand.
  • Hands-on work.
  • Too many slides.
  • Provide a book for reference outside of the class.
  • Not enough hands-on.
  • XML overview/history.
  • SGML/HTML/XML relationship.
  • Features of XML e.g. DTD/flexibility/transformations.
  • Last 2 hours too detailed.
  • Need more hands-on/less info.
  • Hands-on in afternoon.
  • Explanation/definitions.
  • Features of XML/DTD/stylesheets.
  • Not enough hands-on - too much slide-watching.
  • Very good from academic point of view.
  • Bad from hands-on point-of-view. Need more working experience on tools like XMetaL, etc, etc.
  • The best part, I think, is the DTD and the intro.
  • The worst part is the part at the end.
  • Charlie has a good deliver style, is very informed and approachable, creating an environment conducive to knowledge transfer.
  • Not being experienced in HTML, references to HTML rules and practices were lost on me.
  • Thorough explanation of material.
  • Lighting was dark in front of room. Difficult to see writing on board.
  • Working through an exercise with an XML document, a DTD and a stylesheet.
  • Not enough time. (Obviously this is an introduction course, but if it was spread over a couple of days we could do more exercises. Otherwise, a very good course!