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XML training, C++ course.

One-day Introduction to XML Programming in C++

Feedback for 2001 March 23

After a one-day introduction to XML programming in C++, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Important material, interesting implementations.
  • Not enough time to digest such a volume.
  • Sometimes I got lost in these jungles: could not follow copy/paste procedures.
  • I've learned a lot, and now I know and understand much more in terms of how XML works. It will help me in the future for development, and that says that you really have transfered the knowledge and your experience to us, the best you could.
  • Course wasn't short, but still I believe that some people including myself would much appreciate more hours of hands-on exercises (with you).
  • Good examples.
  • Too much to cover with too little time.
  • The concepts were very well explained.
  • We got bogged down on too much details of setting up the environment (include files, etc). This is good on the assumption we are going to work on this particular library but useless otherwise.
  • Charlie continues to impress me with his grasp of the concepts and his ability to present them in a clear and open manner.
  • The PC that I used first was not configured correctly.
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