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Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath

Feedback for 2001 Feb 14, 15, 16

After a three-day XSLT course, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Instructor is very knowledgable.
  • Manual is pretty unorganized: no index to look up.
  • Should have syntax and examples to show usage and under what context.
  • Practice on XPath, templates.
  • Not enough sample code.
  • Excellent exercises. (More of them would be better though.)
  • Excellent time-frame and gradual build up of knowledge.
  • Excellent presentation of material.
  • Can't think of any.
  • It was useful and clear.
  • Four days is not enough to cover all XML stuff; we need more time to practice.
  • Good exercises matching the teaching content.
  • Teaching clearly and logically.
  • Instructor's knowledge, ie understanding of background materials.
  • Good "off-the-cuff" examples.
  • PCs not provisioned with examples & XSLT processors.