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XML training, SGML training, reading DTDs, writing DTDs, converting SGML to XML.

Complete hands-on XML and SGML (four days)

Feedback for 2001 Jan 31, Feb 1, 2

This was a presentation of the standard Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath course.

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Best Worst
The skill level of the instructor. The chairs in the classroom.
Teacher expertise. Presentation speed. Might review one or more labs.
The fact that the class covered the subject completely - so basically, the content. Not enough labs. Number of labs was actually fine but they should have covered more areas.
Hands-on use. The book is not well designed. No way to easily look things up. Will make a poor reference.
The hands-on exercises were very helpful to learning the concepts. Some of the slides were very busy, making it difficult to follow some of the presentations.
Good organization of course materials and amount of information covered in class. Need more examples.
Good presentation and good technical knowledge. Not enough examples and too much emphasis on covering all instructions.
Time spent learning XPath. Very useful to know it in depth. Technique to learning about XPath was a bit confusing without previous experience.
Content. Command-line tools.
Forced me to learn syntax and do exercises; gave me a few small insights. Took many of our developers away from doing real work, but hopefully the payoff will come later.
Overall content and instuctor's knowledge on the topic. Chairs are cheap.