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Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath

Feedback for 2001 Jan 8, 9, 10

After a three-day XSLT course, students were asked for the best and worst aspects of the course.

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Best Worst
  • Instructor was patient and his presentation was very clear.
  • Too little time to cover everything, since there's also questions asked.
  • Trainer's way of presenting the information.
  • Lack of administrative preparation (missing time schedule, computers, catering, ...).
  • Getting explanations/clarification on XSL rules that I have acquired knowledge of myself from working with XSL already.
  • Not being able to 'try out' what we are learning with examples on a PC, which would have helped me understand or remember things a lot better, once I take it back to the workplace. [Unfortunately, there weren't enough computers for this hands-on course.]
  • Instructor knows his stuff (very well!).
  • Integrated well within the group.
  • Not suited (partly suited) for beginners - very technical.
  • Slides should include more diagrams.
  • Time spent on understanding node/tree relationships.
  • Polling attendees on expectations.
  • Follow-up on expectations to assure needs met.
  • Some examples on slides more convoluted than necessary.
  • Invalid examples should be better identified in slides.
  • Learned a lot.
  • Too much HTML. [Company focus is on XML-to-XML transformations.]