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One-day Introduction to XML

Feedback for 2000 October 12

Here is the complete set of comments from a One-day Introduction to XML course presented on Oct 12.

This was a shorter day, heavily customized, and lecture discussion only.

A rush back to the airport at the end meant that I only got feedback from about a third of the class. Links to complete feedback for some other classes can be found on the training page.

Best Worst
  • Structured presentation for our introductory level.
  • Slow. Deviated to too technical having in mind the time constraint.
  • Got to know XML.
  • Lack of time.
  • Detailed.
  • The shortage of time to complete program.
  • You did a good job in parsing out the details and developing a consciousness of the concepts. Most consultants who are trainers cannot handle classes with mixed knowledge and depth.
  • I would not change anything in the way you presented.